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The following links are useful during mentor training:
Australian Army General
Australian Domestic Abuse Advert
Cup of Tea
Upping the Ante
Miss Representation
St Columbas Mentor Film
St Columbas Mentor Film

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MVP Training

A one and two day training programme has been developed to support implementation of the programme within schools.

Initially schools who have expressed an interest to implement the programme will be asked to identify 4-6 members of their team who will attend a two day training course. Schools and local authorities will be asked to identify further participants who will come from a range of community partners all of whom have connections with schools and/or are interested in the subjects covered within the programme.

The range of partners is not exhaustive and may include local youth work provision, anti-bullying and violence against women organisations, police, sports coaches and even parents. The addition of this community team will build some capacity to keep the programme going without all the focus being on school staff.

Within the training attendees will be introduced to the MVP Programme with a particular focus on its key elements:

  • 1. Leadership
  • 2. The bystander approach
  • 3. Violence identified on a continuum
  • 4. Non victim-blaming approach
  • 5. Impact of media on behaviour

Towards the end of the training participants will be encouraged to discuss what MVP would look like in their school setting. Trainers will support this through the sharing of existing school models from other local authorities.

The one day programme will provide participants with a knowledge of the MVP Programme and give them sufficient skills to support existing schools who have previously attended the two day training. This shorter version of the training is an ideal way to train further school and community staff and build the MVP team.